Vacation Return

I have been taking a little blogging hiatus, to do a little r+r after this last year, the year we will always call the year of the house.

While we have continued to plug away on our house… we are doing so at a much slower pace.  We have hit that sweet spot.  There is still quite a bit to work on and “wrap up,” but holy ca-moly we are almost done, and are house is so comfortably livable.

Sometimes we go out to dinner TWICE in one week.  Sometimes we spend a WHOLE weekend with loved ones, just taking enough time to shower and clean up the house before the next gathering happens.  We are making the most of all of our hard work up to this point, and enjoying the almost finished nature of this large project.

We leave today for a friends trip, then I promise to return with updates, pictures, projects, and answers to all your questions that I have so much loved reading and thinking about.

See you soon :-).


We were approved for our site this morning! That means all our landscaping work paid off.

I have to say. I found this landscaping part to be pretty reinforcing. To think we came from this just a few months ago…

To this now…

Is pretty exciting.

Four Years

We celebrated four years of marriage yesterday!

While we still maintain that “this is just a house, it has played this funny role on almost all of our wedding anniversaries.

Year one. The previous owner of this lot accepted our offer to purchase the property. The whole offer was a long shot, and his acceptance on the day of our first wedding anniversary was pretty awesome. We had been married all of eleven months when we decided that buying a lot along a river and building a house on it would be a good idea.

Year two. Not much this year. We were saving and saving and saving so we had a picnic on our now purchased property and tried our best to imagine a house being there one day.

Year three. We received our building permit, on our anniversary. It was literally the last day possible that we could receive it and keep our timelines with our bank. We couldn’t help but let some doubt sneak in during our almost two years of permitting, so the timing of finally getting the permit felt like a sign that we were doing the right thing after all.

Year four. We have a house. With walls, food in the fridge, and decks to drink coffee on. We planned to celebrate our anniversary away from our house, but funny thing, we were called back to work so our lawn prep could start first thing in the morning.

We got our rakes and shovels and picked rocks, and moved dirt, and leveled things out. Then we had trader joes flatbread and champagne.

It was totally perfect.

Weekend Work

This weekend has been awesomely, productive. I’m taking a break to do a little blog updating… as I just smashed my elbow with a digging bar. Ice and blogging go well together.

We had some “landscaping drama” courtesy of all our final inspections. Mike and I have been redirected to focusing our energy on lawn prep.



My mom came to save the day with gravel spreading and hauling.

My dad chose to save the day in a different way. We had been planning to wrap up our exterior painting touch up this weekend, as we are getting dangerously close to the Fall. Once our attention was pulled to the yard, my dad stepped in and spent about ten hours on a very tall ladder to touch up our house.

A few more hours of work on Sunday for Mike and I and the exterior touch up was done! I still don’t really believe it. Hammering down those exterior paint lids brought tears to my eyes… almost.

Back to rock picking and gravel spreading for me.

Our Week

We are deep in the trenches of inspections and finishing touches. Here are a few photos that summarize our life as of late.

We sit in our yard of mud and have camp fires. Like real life hicks.

We take pictures of our dog laying around. That’s old news.

And last, but most certainly not least, we are enjoying the development of our kitchen.




Finishing Stages

Yesterday I made what I sincerely hope may be my last and final trip to this one particular paint store.

We go to multiple paint stores depending on the product. Almost anything (except for our decks) that is made with wood has been finished by Daly’s stuff. The employees have become dangerously close to friends.

We are truly in the final finishing stages of the interior. It doesn’t seem possible, but when we make our lists, it really is.

Here is to a fruitful Labor Day weekend!

Kitchen Backsplash

I was planning on using a real camera and the using then real internet to share with you a final product.

Yet my night has been filled with deck cleaning, and staining, and moving pieces of our belongings around in an attempt to make our home ready for a continuance of inspections. I’m too excited to wait for the final product to share this counter to ceiling tile. When I explained to others that the tile would go all the way to the ceiling, I received many a raised eyebrow.

We are only at the install phase, but we are some grout and open shelving away from out casual open shelving kitchen dream .


Kitchen Island

Our kitchen island arrived today. And by kitchen island I mean a rough sawn barn beam.

It comes with a long and complex story. One that is far too wordy for a Saturday night.

We had plans to, you know, come up with a plan for how to morph this piece of lumber into our kitchen island.

Better yet. We spent our night drinking all kinds of bottles on it.



We are deck building fiends lately.


Thankfully we have almost ALL of our decking down!

We had enough nailed down so we could sit on our deck and drink coffee Sunday morning. It was surreal.

Mike insisted on a certain kind of nail head exposure so we are nailing each board by hand.

We both can be particular about certain things that seem irrelevant to the other party. This was one of my “It looks the same to me, but whatever you want dear!” moments.

Mike usually stares baffled at three paint colors that are making me lose my mind, and ponders over my insistence that they are not all the same color.

This whole experience is truly a great opportunity to practice and refine the art of marital compromise. And communication. Lots of communication.

I’ll post pictures of our deck VERY soon. It’s so close to being all we have hoped it would be!